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Wild Patch Species Recording Page

In partnership with the Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS)

Due to the installation of a new database package which supports the NBIS species recording pages, this feature is temporarily unavailable to Wild Patch users. The expected completion is by the end of 2020.

Once you have set up and established your Wildpatch you can start to record or survey your Wildpatch on a regular basis to see what wildlife starts to appear and make its home there. You can record as many species as you see, but we have also created a list of species that you might want to look out for. We have a list of 7 species ‘The Magnificent Seven‘, for each Wildpatch habitat, you can download these here.

Once you have a list of species sightings you have recorded at your local Wildpatch, please submit these through the relevant Wildpatch habitat button below.

Make sure, where possible, you submit photos of your sightings when using the below forms.

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